January 29, 2015

We started last night with a few technical difficulties.  Always a learning curve with new equipment and new surroundings.  But is was fun to see the excitement on the children's faces as they came to our new home! Laurie introduced two fun activities during large group time regarding folding paper and all the kids forming a chain, locking arms and traveling around the room with someone always having to be touching the wall!  Such great team work and lots of laughter!  Our lesson was about the Mighty Power of our God and our need to stay connected to Him who is our power source.

Here are a few reminders as we move into a new location and other important news:

       1.  CHILD SAFETY:  The Children's Ministry team and our Volunteer Leaders want to provide a safe and secure environment for the children who attend Kid's Worship and King's Kids.  With the move and to improve on safety matters, we are reminding parents of a few details on check-in/out procedures as well as implementing a few new things.  I know most of you feel safe as we all know each other, however, we are expecting God to grow our family with new faces and we want to be prepared for visiting parents to know that their children are safe and secure as well. 

  •   King's Kids - Parents are required to check-in their child each evening before the child can enter the multipurpose room (the check in table will be in the gathering area by multipurpose entrance).  We will begin staffing the check-in/out table 15 minutes prior to start and end of our evening to assist with any needs.  When you come to check out your child, you will be told where to pick up at. (This may very from time to time and different small groups may end in different places than we start).  Children will not be allowed to leave their small group till a parent (or designated person) comes to get the child.
  • Kid's Worship - Right now this will remain the same with children beginning at service and then escorted to Kid's Worship (in student ministries room) and then brought back after the sermon to parents.  There will be changes coming next Fall to improve on safety as growth occurs.
  • Nursery - On Sunday mornings we will have a new check-in/out system in the Nursery Room.  Parents will need to fill out a form, peel and put info on child's back.  They will take the other part of the form with them which will have coordinating # to bring back to Nursery volunteer when ready to check out.

        2.  King's Kids and Lent:

  • There will be no King's Kids on Ash Wednesday, February 18.  There will be King's Kids during lent beginning on Wednesday, February 25.  We will meet in the Adult Classroom for the next 5 weeks ending March 25.  We will be serving Pizza meal during Lent to make it easy for families to attend Lenten activities.  A sign-up for meal will be on the Sunday connection card and on-line soon.

       3.  1st Communion Reminder:  1st class for child and parent(s) is Wed., February 4 at 5:45pm.
       4.  Go4Gold Family Event - The sign-up for this is on the church website and connection card beginning this Sunday.  Hope you all can join us for this great fellowship opportunity!
       5.  MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL 2015 - Dates are set for May 31 through June 4, 2015!  This is always a favorite for kids and adults alike.  If you would like to join the fun in planning and preparing this year's VBS, please let myself or Sarah Marohl know.
       6.  I AM VERY EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE that Sarah Marohl has agreed to serve as our Children's Ministry Leader!  With the New Organizational Structure approved by congregation, you will be hearing more about her role soon.  Sarah has a passion for children and her strong faith, leadership skills and desire to partner with parents and the staff is sure to make a great impact for Kingdom work at King of Glory!  I can't wait to work with her, the children's ministry team, and parents in 2015!

WOW!  Lots going on!  Exciting times!  All for God's Glory!

    "To the King of Kings, immortal, invisible, the only God, be all glory and honor forever and ever!" 
    1 Timothy 1:17