January 14, 2015

It was so good to be back for King's Kids last night!  We have just one more week at the SF Seminary and then we will be in our new home at the "Lumberyard" on Wed., January 28.  Lots of cleaning and unpacking of kid's supplies, etc. to be done.  I ask for patience in the weeks ahead as we settle in and make adjustments to create the best experience for our King's Kids!  Also pray for our King's Kids and Kid's Worship leaders as they make the changes and adjust to new surroundings.  We have a great team of volunteers who love the Lord and desire to know, love and care for the children who attend.

As we move into the 2nd half of our year of King's Kids, we will be turning our focus to partnering with you in helping your children learn the 10 commandments.  We will be singing a song of the commandments.  In the beginning of the year, you received a hand-out for you to use with your children.  If you did not receive one or would like another copy, I will have them available next week at the check-in table.  I pray you will use this opportunity to teach your children the commandments and their meaning, as we assist with learning in song each week to reinforce what you are doing at home.  The children will earn punches and a gift for those who complete this goal.

Mark your calendars for Friday, February 27 for a great night of fun, friendly competition, and food for the entire family at the Go4Gold Event at the new facility.  You will be hearing more details and have the opportunity to sign-up in the weeks ahead.

My God fill your home with His Love, Wisdom, and Peace this week!