Weekly update 3/26

What a great lesson last night!  I had the chance to sit in on the 1st-2nd grade small group.  When Dani asked the children what people in the Bible went through trials, I was blown away by all those they mentioned: from David who fought Goliath, Moses who tried to get out of being the Israelite leader, the men who were thrown in the fiery furnace, to Jesus who suffered all for us! 

If you have not checked out the VBS Volunteer opportunities, please prayerfully consider joining this great adventure w/God on the farm.  The response has been great, but we could use a few more leaders.  If you do not want to lead, please consider being a ranch hand (crew leader).  A ranch hand will spend VBS with a small group of children helping them get from place to place and building relationships!  Even though you are not teaching, the ranch hands have a most vital role in leaving a legacy of faith to the children they touch!

Here are some things you can do this week to prepare your child(ren) for the upcoming week:

King's Kids Preschool-Kind - Wed., April 2 - Jesus goes to the Cross

  • Read Luke 23:33, 44-56 with your child(ren) this week.  Discuss with them that Jesus death was both a sad and joyous event.  Sad that Jesus had to die, but joy that Jesus died to forgive their sins and because He did not stay dead, He is alive and we have the hope of eternal life.
  • Memory Verse:  "This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it."  Psalm 118:24

King's Kids 1st-5th - Wed., April 2 - If you remain steadfast under trial, you will be rewarded

  • Choose one of these verses from lesson #27 to memorize:  James 1:12, 1 Peter 4:16 or Hebrews 10:36
  • Ask your child(ren) what problems they are facing.  Talk about trials you face.  Talk to them about what it means to "fix our eyes on eternal things" and how that can help them when they face hard times.
  • Pray with your child(ren) that God would help them to remain steadfast when they face trouble this week.

Kid's Worship (pre-3rd) - Sunday, March 30 - White Jelly Bean Easter Lesson

  • Read John 13:1-5 this week and help your child(ren) to understand that Jesus wants us to love others the same way He loves us.
  • The white jelly bean is used to represent the perfect life Jesus led.  He never sinned.  Jesus also did a number of surprising things.  He spent time and loved the sick, the poor, and the sinners.  Jesus is looking for us to follow Him and His example to love others.  Even those who we would not typically spend time with.

Press On,