Parent's weekly update 3/19

100% attendance!  Wow!  Thank you, parents, for faithfully bringing your children on Wednesday evenings.  In all my years in Children's Ministry, this has been the most impressive consistent attendance I have seen!  Even though I missed last night, I heard great things from the King's Kids Team!!  Thank you to Kelley Andersen for helping sub in our Preschool-Kind. class, and a big thanks to our great weekly volunteer team who are so dedicated to serving the Lord and the children!  

 So far this year, 61% or kids have completed NT books of the bible and 47% OT books!  Way to Go!  Keep practicing the songs with your children!  It's a great and fun family activity.  Kevin Ludwig, our communications staff, has now put them on the kid's ministry page and you will find them on the bottom as a block to click on.  Enjoy this great resource!

VBS Plans are in full swing.  I hope many of you will join us in volunteering for this great adventure on the farm!  We need you!  Check out the volunteer page and sign up today.

Here are the parent resources for this week to incorporate at home with your child(ren). 

King's Kids Preschool-Kind - Wed., March 26 - Peter Denies Jesus

  • Read Mark 14:66-72 this week with your child(ren) - Discuss sin and talk about what sin is.  Who sinned in this passage?  Did Jesus forgive?  Does Jesus forgive us?
  • Memory Verse - "When I am afraid, I will trust in you."  Psalm 56:3

King's Kids 1st-5th - Wed., March 26 - God will be with you in the Hard Times

  • Choose one of these verses for memorization:  Isaiah 43:2a or Psalm 46:1-3
  • Discuss with your child some difficult things you have gone through and how those times helped you to have more faith and trust in God.
  • Pray with your child that their faith and trust in God would grow each time they go through a difficult time.

Kid's Worship (pre-3rd) - Sunday, March 23 - Story of the Mean Servant

  • Read together Matthew 18:21-35 and discuss the importance of forgiving others

Have a great week in God's Word!