Change A Life

Join King of Glory in bringing hope to children in Liberia. We are seeking to raise $20,000 in one week to give to Children Rescue International. If we have 200 gifts this week between $1 & $200 we will reach our goal. There are currently 32 children living in difficult circumstances. Give a gift today to show them God's love in a tangible way and then through the ministry of CRI we pray God will bring them eternal hope as they come to know Jesus Christ.

Bring Hope

How can you bring hope?

  • Pick a number between 1 & 200 and fill out the form below with the number you have chosen. Look at the board to your left to see which numbers are left. We will update the photo each morning. 
  • Give that amount online or bring your gift to worship at King of Glory on Sunday April 23. CLICK HERE to give online. 
  • Ask someone to join you in bring hope by telling them what we are doing through King of Glory. Send them an email or share the opportunity on facebook. 
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What is Children Rescue International (CRI)? 

A Christian nonprofit serving as the hands and feet of Jesus Christ to rescue orphaned and destitute children in Liberia. They currently provide shelter, food, medications, loving care, and a formal Biblical and general academic education to 32 children.    

 Why are these gifts needed now? 

32 children are living in a small four bedroom home ... a space that also serves as their school. CRI was blessed with a $20,000 matching gift challenge to raise funds to enlarge the home and build the roof on a beautifully large new community school. With rainy season just a couple months away (38+ inches per month), we are in urgent need of funds to enclose these spaces quickly.