Woman to Woman: Can we break free from worldly standards?

I am currently reading a book by Jen Hatmaker called “For the Love”.   Only a few chapters in, I am a fan.  With a refreshing hilarious style, Jen is critiquing the world of impossible standards and inspiring women to fight for the glorious life that we can have with God’s grace.

So what are some of those standards that can squeeze the life from us?  How about keeping up with the unattainable Pinterest life? Or having as many “friends” as you can, even though they may not be authentic, know all about me but love me anyway kind of friends? Or the need to always be right, or the need to keep impossible standards for parenting and marriage. 

I know personally how easy it is to fall into these standard traps.  They leave me feeling not good enough, tired, and frustrated.  But thankfully, God’s standards are far different from the world's.  When we turn to His word and truth, we discover a much different picture.  We see that we are created by God, for God.  He desires us to love Him and to love people.  To act justly, love mercy and walk humbly.  Treat people as you want to be treated and if you want to be great, be a servant.  It’s not all about me, but all about Him.  What a really simple and freeing way to live. 

I want the life that gives abundant joy.  Join me in this life!  Turn to the one and only one who can give it to us, Jesus!  Then discover His standards and celebrate the glorious life that is ours through God’s grace!