Planning Quality Family Time

If your family is anything like mine you know how difficult it can be find time to just simply be a family. We are so busy with to-dos, meetings, work, and school it's hard to find time to just be a family!

We have compiled a few ideas for you to try or expand upon! If you have something you do as a family share with us in the comments below! If you like one of the ideas below, put in on your calendar, don't let the weekend chores get the best of your family time!

5 Family Time Ideas! 

Make Meal Time, Family Time

Dinner can be a great time to put to focus on your family. Put the phones away, get the kids involved in setting the table or have them help prepare a dish. Then be present, ask each other about you're days, tell a story or share about something you learned. Discuss upcoming events or trips you may have planned. If your weeks have crazy schedules try and plan a night or two for this family meal. It doesn't need to be dinner either! Our family enjoys cooking breakfast Saturday mornings. Be creative, get everyone engaged. 

Go on a Hike

There is something about the outdoors that brings people and families together. The benefit of having poor cell phone reception can help too :-). Plan a few hours for a hike or nature walk. You can even do it in your backyard! Check out an insect or plant book from your library and see what you can find on your hike. If you're more adventurous make a night of it! Camping out under the stars is great way to unplug, snuggle with you kids by the fire and create lifelong memories. 

Take a "Stayaction"

Sometimes unplugging at home can create some great family time! Stayactions are nothing new but the idea is great and can help if your on a tight time or money. A staycation is like a vacation without leaving your house or town, you can plan some fun outings in your city with meals out or picnics or you can even book a local hotel for the night. It might seem silly staying a few miles from your own home, but a change of scenery can be all you need to recharge your "family batteries". Plan some activities you have not done before in your area and even eat at some new restaurants. 

Family Movie Night!

Planning a family movie night is a great way to get some quality time with you kids. Don't stop at renting a movie and popping it in the DVD player, Have some fun with this! Print off some movie tickets, pop lots of popcorn, and don't forget the M&Ms! Setup some comfy chairs and get out the blankets and pillows. Set a movie showtime and make sure you get the kids tickets when they show up! Show them to their seats and turn down the lights! Enjoy the show! 

Create a Family Holiday! 

Surprise family members with "holidays" tailored to each personality. Just like birthdays and conventional holidays, pack these days with unique traditions (like a poem written in someone's honor) and special foods. The celebrations can also be clever and unexpected ways to honor each person. When I was a kid, my mother posted a puzzling note on the fridge that said "5 Days until WAHD." The countdown continued...4 days, then 3, then 2, then 1, and finally the surprise was revealed: It was "We Appreciate Holly Day!" The fun of anticipating the mystery and guessing what the letters stood for is something I'll always remember and cherish. The day consisted of my favorite dinner, a fabulous cake, and a poster-size list of all the special things I accomplished at the time, like finishing homework, being kind to my younger sister, and making my bed without being asked.



We hope you liked some of our ideas, be creative, you know your family better than anyone, plan something around your interests and start making some memories! Remember to put these events on the calendar and don't put them off, family time is important, enjoy it while you can and make some lifelong memories! 

- KOG Staff