Planning Family Fun

Planning Family Fun! You don’t need to spend a fortune or a week planning some fun with your family. Here are some tips and ideas to follow when planning your next family activity.

What things are hit in your household? Do you have artsy kiddos who can draw for hours, are you a board game family? Are movies your thing? Planning a successful family fun day is much easier than you might think, and it might not even cost you a thing!

Here are some things to keep in mind as you plan your day.

  • What do your kids like? - If you’ve had some fun activities in the past, do it again, maybe add in some new elements. Sometimes tried and true is the way to go!
  • Be Flexible - Do you have new activity and its not going exactly as planned? Roll with it. My girls love playing matching games, but sometimes stacking up the tiles is way more fun than matching. If you have a family game throw in some new rules, have fun with it.
  • Adjust for Ages - If you have kids that a years apart in ages, make sure there are elements of your activity that they can get behind. Matching game too easy for your teen? Set a timer, see who can do it the fastest. Make it a competition.
  • Record the Moment -Take a second and snap a family selfie, someday your kids will look back and say, 'remember when we played speed matching? that was a blast'.
  • Be Spontaneous - No planning needed! I know some people will struggle with this! I do. See a new park on the way home from an outing, stop, play! Unscheduled ice cream stops were a highlight of my childhood.
  • Prizes - If you family is super competitive, make some homemade trophies or prizes or start a new tradition. If you win at game night you get dessert first! 
  • Five Minute Fun - Busy night or pressed for time? There are some great question based games, would you rather, or a good riddle can start some great conversations. 
  • Put it on the Calendar - Don’t forget to schedule your activity, if not it might not happen, put it on the calendar and make sure you remind everyone!

Remember there is no set definition on a successful family activity. Did you laugh? Did you find someones hidden talent? Did you spark a new and interesting conversation? Did you enjoy each other? I’d say it was successful. We hope these ideas help you plan your next family event. If you have tips or ideas, please comment below!