Planning a Sioux Falls Family Staycation

Ever heard of a staycation? They are not much of a new concept, but I think they are a popular and attractive today as when they first started popping up. What is a staycation? Well basically it is a vacation, at home or in your home city. You stay, but do vacation type activities! 

We have gathered some great tips to help you plan your very own family staycation right here in Sioux Falls. There are a ton of great things to do right here and the best parts are, you save time (no or little travel) and money! I hope we have your attention with that last point!  

Check it out, here are some ideas to help plan and kick off your staycation. 

Planning a Sioux Falls Family Staycation

Stay local - one way to have the get-a-way feel without actually leaving is to get a hotel room. Yes, this might sound crazy to some, but hotels can come with some great benefits to help you relax and have fun. Think, pools, room service and even location. Staying within walking distance of activities can help change your perspective and relax more. 

Do Something New - Have you lived in Sioux Falls or your town forever? Is there something you have heard about but never done? Do it! Check out a new park across town, try that new yogurt place, tour a museum. You might find a new experience in your own backyard. 

Behind the Scenes Tours - Did you know that some zoos, museums and attraction offer tours? You may have been to the zoo a dozen times but have you ever fed the giraffes? Check with some of your favorite local attractions to see what they offer and go for it! 

Beach or Swimming Day - Summer is around the corner, cool off with the family at a local pool or water park for the day. Most pools even let you bring in your own refreshments or food. Pack a picnic lunch to keep it budget friendly and fun. Make sure you check policies ahead of your visit. 

Camping in the backyard - Want that nature experience without leaving your yard? Put up your tent, setup some yard games, and have some fun! Don' forget the s'more  fixin's for dessert around the fire when the sun goes down. 

Tip for Success

Now that you have some ideas, here are some tips to help make your family fun staycation a success! 

  1. Give your staycation a start and end date! Stick to it.
  2. Relax, it does not need to be 100% planned out, downtime is always relaxing! 
  3. Unplug - Leave work at work and chores at home. 
  4. Make memories - take pictures, be goofy, enjoy your family

 We hope you have some family fun in Sioux Falls and enjoy your staycation. Have you taken a staycation before? Tell us what worked for you in the comments below.