Is it Okay to be Angry with God?

Is it okay to be angry with God? This is a difficult question to answer.  I find myself first wondering when a person asks this question, what do they mean.  Are they angry with God because they disapprove of Him, or are they asking if they can express their feelings of anger to God?  

What is Anger?

The definition of anger is, "an intense emotional state induced by displeasure" (Merriam-Webster dictionary). God knows our emotions and feelings, after all He is our creator! Death, loss, unexpected tragedy, illness, or divorce are difficult. These are often the times when we feel angry and we are often not sure what to do with it. I think when we feel angry we need to confess that feeling to God. He loves us and desires for us to come to Him at all times, with everything. He can heal our anger for He is the great physician.  

What Does the Bible Say?

I don't think it is okay to by angry at God because we do not agree with something we think He has done or allowed. Here are a few verses to consider.

"Shall not the judge of all the earth do what is just?" 
- Genesis 18:25

"Yes, O Lord God the Almighty, true and righteous are your judgments."   
- Revelation 16:7  

I am thankful, however, that we have a merciful God. And through His son, Jesus Christ, we receive forgiveness because of God's mercy and grace. 

But is it Okay to be Angry with God?

In our human state we are sinners.  I believe anger is part of our sinful state. So go to Him; confess it, as He already knows. Put it in His hands, trusting in His love for us.