Bible Reading in 2016

"God's Word has a shelf life of one day."  That quote has stuck with me for a long time from an older gentlemen that I used to be in bible study with on Friday mornings.  It's a great reminder of the necessity of opening the Bible on a daily basis.  It also reinforces that reading the bible is not just a knowledge exercise but an encounter with the creator of this universe where we are renewed and refreshed.  We all need that renewal and refreshment daily.  In 2016, I would encourage you put yourself in a position where you will experience spiritual transformation that will change your whole life.  The best way to do that is build the habit of regular bible reading.  Below are some links to other blog posts that go into great detail on reading plans/etc.  Please make a plan and experience new life each day.    

Press On, 

Pastor Rich 

Bible Reading Plans Resources: