Can you Know the Unchurched?

I recently read a book called "Ignite", by Nelson Searcy, which was a book about growing a church.  I know, you may think I'm a bit boring, but I found it quite fascinating.  The chapter that I can not stop thinking about is where the author has you evaluate the Evangelism temperature of your church.  He asks the question, "How many of your people are bringing their friends to church?".  Then he challenges the reader, being me, "List 5 people you know that do not attend church and begin to pray for them and an opportunity to invite them join you at church".  Well I say to myself, my friends and my job is in the church, how can I begin to find the unchurched?  I began to pray about this.  After a few days, I had a name to put on my "List of unchurched".  Here is the story:

My husband and I went out for supper on a Friday evening.  As we were waiting for our food, my husband notice someone he used to work with.  They exchanged hand greeting signals and soon the gentlemen came over and sat down at our table.  We visited briefly and then our food came so he left but said he'd visit more later.  Sure enough, he sat back down as we finished our food and we continued our conversation.  The guy had just came back from a week vacation with his 2 children.  Then at one point, my husband just asked, "the question":  Do you and your kids go to a church?  He mumbled a bit and stated that he had not been to church since his divorce of 2 years.  My husband invited him to come to King of Glory and told him a bit about it.  They exchanged phone #'s and talked about having lunch sometime soon.

WOW!  God is amazing!  Can I know the Unchurched?  Can you know the Unchurched?  Absolutely.  They are all around us.  I now have 1 name on my list to pray for, invite to our home for supper, and another opportunity to invite them  to church.  I am encouraged and asking God to continue to fill that list of people I know that do not go to church. 

I encourage you that if you do not know any unchurched friends, to begin to pray about this.  He hears our prayers and blesses us when we are praying in His Will.

To God be the Glory,