NALC Convocation Update

Member Shedd Waskosky attended the NALC yearly Convocation August 12-14.  Please see below his recap of the event:

Martyr Life-Giving Witness – NALC Convocation, Aug 12-14, 2015 at Hyatt, DFW

These four values of the NALC (North American Lutheran Church) were emphasized by many, in speeches and even announcements: Christ Centered, Mission Driven, Traditionally Grounded, and Congregationally Focused.

Worship was wonderful!  - some of it led by Steve Bell. Attendance great – 226 clergy, 180 lay = 460 delegates + 175 visitors = 581.

Every key-note speaker was fantastic, but there’s two who stood out to me: 1) Margaret Khamoo, an Assyrian Christian, enlightened us about the genocide and persecution of Assyrians with more devastation every 45 years. 2) Robert Spencer a serious student of the Koran. He pointed out how the Koran states that more current writings supersede previous writings. An example of that is that the Koran starts out more pacifistic, but later has statements of much more violence.

Drops from the Well – Text 614-328-5636 and type message “Drops”. You will receive a Bible verse a week. Sometimes “less is more.” You can read more by going to : This doesn’t have to be just a text message on your phone. You can also sign up for an email. The concept is to have all of us reading, meditating on the same scripture each week.

For concurrent sessions I attended the Navigators, led by Dennis Blevins, and What’s in Your Bag? by Gary Pecuch. Dennis introduced us to Life-On-Life Discipleship. Gary spoke about Outcome-Based Youth Ministry. I think we at KOG are doing much of what both speakers spoke about, but could use some of their ideas to enhance what we do.

John Bradosky was re-elected as the Bishop for 4 years. Elected to the Executive Council were Rosemary Johnson of Hope Lutheran Church in Ladysmith, WI.; Brian Sutton of St John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in Statesville, NC, and Pastor Carl Rasmussen of First Lutheran Church in Kirkland, IL. Carolyn Nestingen of Roseville, MN, and Pastor Marty Ramey of Dallas, NC, were elected to the Court of Adjudication.

Next year’s Lutheran week is scheduled for Aug 7-12, 2016, with the Convocation for Aug 9-12 at Willow Grove in Anaheim CA. There is a Mission Festival in Columbus OH Nov 5-7, titled MISION IMPOSSIBLE.

More details are available at There’s a download available by clicking on the link to “NALC Convocation summary bulletin insert available”. In addition there will be video recordings available. But I didn’t see them yet at noon, Sat, Aug 15 when I wrote this up.