Parking Lot Project Overview

The project will give us 73 paved parking stalls.  All of the existing asphalt along the west and east side of the building will be removed and replaced. The shed to the east of the building will also be removed. 

Project Budget – (Not to exceed $240,000) 

  • Engineering Fees: $8,000
  • Electrical Work (lighting): $22,500
  • Tear Out / Concrete / Asphalt / etc: $202,222.00



Cash Balances as of June 17, 2015

  • Vision Fund Balance: $125,438.45
  • Reserve Fund Balance: $53,467.45
  • Committed Gifts to Parking Lot Project (outside of the vision campaign): $98,000
  • Outstanding Vision Campaign Pledges: $93,000 (We expect to $50,000 from the outstanding pledges will be given over the next year.)



When will the work be complete?

  • The work will be complete in 2015 but an exact date is not set.  We are currently working with the city on potential replacement of all the storm sewer (at the city’s cost).  If the storm sewer was all replaced/upgraded then the work would be done in September or October.  If the city does not replace is the work will be done as soon as the contractor is able to get it on the calendar (most likely early August). 

How many spaces can be added in the future?

  • Twenty-eight stalls could be added in the future and the projected cost of that at today’s rate would be approximately $60,200 (assumes each stall costs $2,150). 

Will a fence be put in along the railroad tracks?

  • The long-term plan is to put a fence in along the railroad tracks from the North end to at least the beginning of the retention pond. This is not included in the current project budget nor has a bid been received yet. 

Who will be doing the work?

  • Engineering: Sayer Associates
  • General Contractor for Tear Out, Concrete Work, & Asphalt: Seal Pros Paving
  • Electrical (parking lot lighting): Electric Construction Company 


For complete parking lot project plans, CLICK HERE>>>