Prayer Resources

Hello Everyone, 

This past Sunday (April 19) the sermon focused on the issue of prayer.  We looked at the Lord's prayer while also looking at the motivation for prayer.  I wanted to provide some practical follow up to that message that could be helpful as you seek to be a person of prayer. 

One helpful resource I have found is a simple 5-10 minute read from Martin Luther. You can learn more about Martin Luther's approach to prayer by reading his little guide entitled, A Simple Way To Pray.  Download the little pamphlet and I am sure you will be helped with a practical approach.

Another practical tip in prayer is to use various Bible passages as a prayer guide.  For example, one option is to pray the prayer found in Ephesians 1:15-22 or 3:14-21 for specific people.   You can also take John 17 and pray for similar things that Jesus prayed for.   

One other common model of prayer is to use the ACTS method.  That is begin your time in Adoration (praising God) followed by a time of Confession (asking for forgiveness) which then leads to giving Thanks (thanks for specific blessings) and finally offering up Supplication (specific requests).  

There is no magic formula to approaching God in prayer.   We do need to frequently and fervently approach in the name of Jesus because we have been given access.  I hope you will take advantage of the direct access that you have been given.  

Press On in Prayer! 

Pastor Rich