Christmas Eve Offering

The offering on Christmas Eve will be given to The Community Outreach (TCO) in Sioux Falls.  The funds will be used at TCO for utility and rent assistance for those in need in our city.  This offering provides a unique opportunity to help people in our community in a very practical way.  Each person who needs assistance that comes to TCO meets with a case worker to review their circumstances and TCO seeks to come up with the best solutions that move people towards self sustainability.   The overarching goal of the utility and rent assistance is to keep people in their homes which is critical for helping move people out of poverty.  In 2015, TCO has helped more than six hundred families with rent assistance or utility cutoff prevention.  Thank you for giving generously on Christmas Eve to support this important ministry in Sioux Falls.  

If you are unable to attend worship on Christmas Eve but still desire to give towards this ministry simply CLICK HERE and give online today.  

You can also learn more about The Community Outreach by visiting their website.