2016 Go Opportunities (UPDATED)

2016 is going to be a "Go Year" at King of Glory.  We are seeking to go to our neighborhood, Terry Redlin Elementary, and three other countries.  

As part of our "Go Year" we are sending six people on an all expense paid trip.  This is not your normal trip but a special mission trip representing King of Glory.  Two people will be sent to Liberia, Mongolia, and Jamaica.  KOG currently supports various mission work in those three countries.   We are sending people to serve in those areas and also research how we should continue to be involved with our financial or human resources.  Along with six people going to those foreign lands we need people to provide leadership to our local "Go Opportunities."  We are seeking to invite our neighborhood to our Wednesday programming as well as build a relationship with Terry Redlin School. 

If you are interested in being a "Go" person for Terry Redlin please take advantage of the opportunity to mentor at the school.  It is a one hour commitment each week.  There will be other opportunities to bless Terry Redlin in the next couple of months as well.  If you are interested in putting your energies into serving our neighborhood be watching for information about plans shortly after Easter.  

If you are interested in going on one of these foreign mission trips there is a form to fill out below. The trip to Mongolia will be approximately from June 2 - June 12.  The dates for Liberia and Jamaica can be set once participants are selected.  You will be traveling with people to each destination who have previously been there and know the area.  Participants will be selected in the month of March.  Please have the form completed below before the end of Monday March 14.  

Please feel free to contact Pastor Rich if you wish to learn more or have further questions.  Thank you for giving consideration to this unique opportunity.  

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