Serve Sunday Recap

It is with great joy that I get to sit down and write this Serve Sunday Recap.  This is always such an exciting Sunday at King of Glory.  We hope that everyone would see Serve Sunday as not only just an annual event where we can tangibly be the hands of feet of Jesus, but that Serve Sunday is a demonstration of many, many projects that can be done throughout the year and within your own circles of influence.  The projects that we did are things that need to be done more than once a year.  The organizations that we helped need help more than once a year.  We hope that you use Serve Sunday as a guide to continue demonstrating a servant heart throughout the rest of the year.  Below you will find a recap of all the projects that were done and what was all accomplished.  Glory to God for the resources that were provided for us to be able to bless and impact so many people.  If you have any questions on how you can continue to be involved in any of the areas you participated, please feel free to contact me at the church office at any time.  Thanks again to everyone who was involved in the planning of Serve Sunday, who helped lead a project, and everyone who came and participated. 

Serve Family:
·         Child Care:  Thank you to Jacie & Sadie McDonald for helping take care of those little ones who are not quite ready to participate in projects.  This helped allow the parents of those little ones to be involved.

·         Deep Cleaning the Nursery:  During this project we were able to sanitize and clean all of the toys in the nursery that get so much use weekly.  Also, special thanks to those involved for doing touch ups to the walls with paint.  It is great to see the commitment to providing a safe, and welcoming, place for our smallest family members!

·         MultiPurpose Room Chair Repair:  The chairs that we use on Sundays have been under some wear and tear with all the activity at KOG.  The grips on the bottoms of those chairs were either missing or not in the right spots.  During this project, we were able to remove and secure all those grips back into place. 


Serve the Community:
·         Compassion Child Care:  Compassion Child Care is a child care facility that offers Christ like programming to lower income families in Sioux Falls.  During this project we were able to clean and sanitize tables, chairs, and high chairs.  We were also able to do some sanitizing on some larger toys in all rooms.

·         Family Visitation Center:  Family Visitation Center exists to provide a safe place for kids to have supervised visitation with their parents or other non-custodial adults.  On average 175 families access their programs each month.  On Serve Sunday, KOG members assisted at Family Visitation Center by doing some much needed cleaning.  They worked on wiping down tables, chairs and toys in the visitation level and did some bathroom cleaning. 

·         Treat Bags for Public Service Workers (done at KOG):  During this project we made a DELICIOUS cheesy chex mix that was then portioned out into individual servings.  The group made approximately 150 bags that were taken to the Minnehaha County Jail as a treat to all that work there. 

·         Blessing Bags (done at KOG):  A Blessing Bag is a bag of gender specific hygiene items.  The Blessing Bags we assembled included things like shampoo, razors, soap, male & female deodorant and shaving cream, and feminine hygiene products.  The bags were put together for two places, Axtell Park and a local Safe Home.   Axtell Park is a school.   We were able to give 60 bags to Axtell that will be distributed to students who are single moms, homeless, or who are facing major financial obstacles.  The Safe Home is a 33 unit Housing First program designed to provide long term, chronically homeless individuals with severe alcohol dependence permanent housing opportunities, intensive case management, and supportive services.  Thirty-three bags were assembled for the individuals in the Safe Home. 

·         Freezer Meals:  15 of KOG finest chefs went over to Patrick Henry Middles School and used the Home Ec classroom to make freezer meals for the Glory House, Axtell Park, and Walsh Family Village.  Chefs made 8 ice cream pails of chili, 8 9x13 pans of Scalloped Potatoes and Ham, and 8 9x13 pans of Tator Tot Hot Dish for the Glory House to enjoy.  This will serve the facility 3 meals.  A total of 6 meals, of the same kind, were also brought over to the Walsh Family Village.  They worked on individual meals for Axtell Park that will be given out to the students with the need.  A total of 20 individual meals, that feed two, were made for Axtell Park.  These chefs also made plates of cookies that were delivered to the Walsh Family Village, Avera ER, and Fire Stations throughout Sioux Falls.

·         Lawn Raking: 24 of the men from KOG had the task of raking lawns for people in the Sioux Falls community.  Most of the lawns came from Life 96.5’s “Rake the Town”, complete strangers to KOG, but a couple were KOG families that we were able to help out.  These men were able to accomplish cleaning up 10 lawns as well as clearing gutters on half of those lawns.  They also left a plate of cookies, compliments of the women’s community group, with each house that they stopped at.

·         Center of Hope Bike Shop: The Center of Hope Bike Ministry seeks to provide transportation to those who are unable to drive, for whatever reason.  KOG was able to assist in the bike shop by working on some of the bikes with Steve Johnson and Jeff Oltman. 

·         Bishop Dudley House: The Bishop Dudley Hospitality House offers daytime and overnight emergency shelter for the homeless and vulnerable in Sioux Falls.  On Serve Sunday individuals from King of Glory went to the Bishop Dudley House and played Bingo with the people that were there. 

·         Center of Hope:  One of the many ministries the Center of Hope does is Sharing Christmas.  This ministry matches donors with families who would not otherwise be able to provide gifts for their children.  King of Glory was able to send some volunteers down to the Center of Hope on Serve Sunday and work on data entry for the Sharing Christmas ministry.  The Center of Hope was looking to match nearly 500 families this year with donors. 

·         Glory House:  Glory House is an organization that provides programs that are responsive to the unique and collective needs of the individuals, families, and the community.  Programs focus on solving problems due to substance abuse, irresponsible thinking patterns, or criminal offenses to the community.  Programs develop life skills, problem solving skills, and positive habits, helping individuals and families.  Their programs are both inpatient and outpatient.  King of Glory went to Glory House on Serve Sunday and was able to serve them by helping with some interior painting. 


Serve the World:

·         Banners of Ecuador:  During this project we were able to help Kris Waskosky on a project she has been wanting to do for the community they work with in Ecuador.  We were able to assist in the work she has been doing to make simple, but beautiful, banners for the church in Ecuador.  The banners will be taken back with them when they travel to Ecuador again.

·         Sole Hope Shoe Cutting:  Sole Hope is an organization that seeks to provide hope for healthier lives and freedom from foot related diseases though education, jobs, and medical relief to the people of Uganda Africa.  Sole Hope has asked for help from people to participate in this mission by doing Shoe Cutting Projects.  KOG was able to cut patterns out of blue jeans.  These pieces are then sent over to Uganda were Sole Hope has created jobs for locals who then sew the jean pieces into shoes for children.  KOG cut out 29 patterns that will be sent over to Africa!


Kids Projects:

Last but not least, the kids had their own specific projects that they got to work on this year!  We really wanted them to be aware of different ways they are able to help serve their church family, their community, and their world so they had 3 different projects that they worked on.

·         Canvas Paintings:  They kids each got to paint a canvas that will be hung up in the nursery as art work.

·         Birthday Bags:  One of the ministries that the Family Visitation Center does is Birthday Bags.  A Birthday Bags is a complete Birthday Party in a bag.  With these bags Family Visitation Center is able to give kids and parents an opportunity to celebrate a child’s birthday together.  The kids of KOG got to put together these Birthday Bags for Family Visitation Center.  Things the kids put in the bas included plates, napkins, cups, balloons, candles, and other miscellaneous birthday items.

·         Cards for Ecuador:  The kids spent some time coloring cards that Shed & Kris Waskosky will take with them on their next trip to Ecuador to help encourage the locals in that community.


Once again, praise God that we are so blessed to be able to have helped so many people in such different ways.  I pray that we all continue to look for opportunities where we can give of ourselves in deed to others. 


In Christ,

Trista Hacket