Guys' Breakfast Work Project List

Below is a letter from Property Trustee Adrian Johnson to the men who will be attending Saturday's Guy's Breakfast. Just a reminder, breakfast will be served at 8 a.m. Then we will begin working on these projects.


We have a scheduled Guys' Breakfast coming up on Saturday, September 13, and we have a task in front of us.

We have the task of demolishing the remainder of the lean-to on the west side of the Lumberyard, tearing out the ceiling in the area where the kitchen will be and remove the wooden stairway in the Lumberyard building up to the mezzanine.

This would seem like a textbook "smash-and-grab" scenario, but we are keeping three things in mind:

Safety. We need all parties involved to return home to their families injury free.  Working safely is the only option. Safety glasses, gloves, and boots are just a few of the items that are very important protective gear.

Tools. Plan on having the right tool for the job. We are looking at using multiple step ladders, skill saws, reciprocating saws, hammers, sledge hammers, pry bars, cats claws, and other miscellaneous tools.

Planning/Efficiency. We need to plan on getting this demolished and put into a roll-off dumpster and maximize the space in the dumpster. Also we want to keep teams working cohesively so we can get back to our family time.

Here is the list of tools, and machines that we will need:

Sledge hammers           Skill saws
Reciprocating saws      Crow bars
Cat paws for tin             Hammers
Chain saws                    Step ladders
Shop brooms                Scoop shovels
Skid loader                   Cordless drills

Gary Helder will work on the outside on the lean-to.
John Bultsma will head the ceiling crew.
Adrian Johnson will head the crew removing the stairs.

Adrian Johnson, Property Trustee