Small Groups Leaders, Sites Announced

The sites, times and leaders for this year's small groups have been announced.

Small groups begin meeting next week (week of September 14-20) and will meet three out of four weeks each month until May.

The first seven weeks of small groups will be based on Pastor Rich's upcoming sermon series entitled, "I Am."  It will be based off the seven I Am statements of Jesus in the book of John.

Each week there will be study questions available on Sunday morning at worship and also on the Small Groups page on the KOG web site. Having these questions gives people a chance to prepare some thoughts in advance of their small group gathering.

Please use the link below to visit the Small Groups page. On this page is some information about what Small Groups are like at King of Glory, a listing of available Small Group opportunities and a sign-up form if you would like to join a group.

Small Groups Web Site