Special Offering Report

Pastor Samuel Gayetaye (right) converses with Pastor Rich during Sunday morning's worship service.

Pastor Samuel Gayetaye (right) converses with Pastor Rich during Sunday morning's worship service.

The worship services from Sunday, August 3, gave the King of Glory congregation a first-hand look at people who are taking a step of faith and following the example of The Good Samaritan and helping our neighbors.

First, missions trustee Katie Reilly gave the congregation an update on how King's Kloset is doing since it moved its operations to the new location. Reilly said the new location and the new shopping format have been well-received. She said a record 199 families were served at the July distribution day.

Because of the number of families coming to King's Kloset, Reilly emphasized the need for additional volunteers to help on distribution days and also the need for the three monthly items - shampoo, men's and women's deodorant and single-wrapped packages of paper towels.

Next, Dani Reuer and Avery McDonald shared testimonies of their internships this summer at Robin's Nest Children's Home in Jamaica. Reuer, who ended up spending seven weeks at Robin's Nest, talked about the challenges facing the Nest with regards to educating the children and also having an adequate supply of water. McDonald, who was at the Nest for a month, talked about the need for males to go to the Nest to be role models for the older boys there.

Lastly, Pastor Samuel Gayetaye, talked about his journey to the United States as a refugee from Liberia, his congregation in Sioux Falls and also the orphanage he started recently in Liberia. Recently, the Executive Committee gave the Deacons the authority to give away the minivan that had been given to King of Glory to haul the musical equipment. The Deacons chose Pastor Samuel's congregation as it needed a vehicle to store its musical equipment.

Pastor Samuel said that the orphanage in Liberia currently has 32 children, but there are many challenges, including safe drinking water and protecting the children from mosquitoes and potential malaria outbreaks.

During the second service, a special offering was taken to help Pastor Samuel bring clean water and mosquito nets to the orphanage.  The goal was $1,000 and the offering was $2,620.34. Praise the Lord! We will be bringing clean water, mosquito nets, and more to the 32 orphans.

Pastor Rich will meet with Pastor Samuel this week to work on details on the next steps to achieve the goals of water and mosquito nets.