King of Glory Office Hours Established

King of Glory now has designated office hours when at least one of the staff members will be at the Lumberyard. The office will be staffed Monday-Friday from 8:30-11:30 a.m.

At least one staff member will be in the office during these hours. Staff members will also be around at different times of the day, but that varies depending on their schedules. If you need to stop by the office at a different time, please call the church office at 605-271-3456 to make sure someone is around or to set up an appointment.

Here’s the staffing schedule for the weekday mornings.

Monday: Julie Burnside
Tuesday: Kevin Ludwig
Wednesday: Pastor Rich
Thursday: Julie Burnside
Friday: Pastor Rich

Because Student Ministry Coordinator Doyle Burnside does not have established office hours, anyone wishing to see him should contact him at or at 605-310-2561.