Update from KOG Leadership

On Sunday June 8, we had a special worship service at the Lumberyard to kick off the renovation process.  During that worship service, an Executive Committee members gave the congregation an update on a variety of things. Below are the bullet points from the update.  

  • First, we want to thank everyone who helped with the transition so far…moving everything from Sycamore Center, cleaning there and here, tearing out fencing and much more. There will be more opportunities to get involved so please be watching and willing to step out to help.
  • The group spearheading the Lumberyard project is Dave Ricks, Pastor Rich, Adrian Johnson, Gary Helder, Kathy Thoreson, Kelli Andersen and John Bultsma.  They have done a lot already but they still have a lot ahead of them so let’s keep them in our prayers as this project moves forward.
  • We are working with an architect on plans for the building.  We hope to have a floor plan out to the congregation soon.  After the floor plan has been shown to the congregation, the architect will proceed with the construction documents.  A contractor will be selected 8-10 weeks after the construction documents are complete.  It will only be at that time that we will have a better idea on what the project timeline will look like.  We will continue worshiping at Sioux Falls Seminary into the fall.
  • It is not too late to make a pledge or gift to the Vision Campaign.  As you can see there is plenty of work to do now and over the next few years.  Pledge forms are available at the back table and they can also be downloaded from the website. (CLICK HERE to download a pledge form) Vision giving envelopes are also available at the welcome table on Sunday mornings.  If you can pay your pledge early, it will allow us to proceed with parts of the project we have scheduling for completion in 2015 and 2016.

Thank you for your help and your prayers.