Reading Schedule & Small Group Questions

CLICK HERE to download a printable version of the schedule and questions.

Daily Seven Minute Challenge Reading Schedule (May 5  – May 10)

Please reflect upon the following questions each day as you read the assigned scripture passage.

  • What is revealed about God the Father, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit?
  • What does the passage say about God’s desire for humanity?
  • How is God encouraging you, convicting you, equipping you, or correcting you?

Monday (May 5)

  • Psalm 32
  • John 8:1-11

Tuesday (May 6)

  • 2 Samuel 11
  • Psalm 51

Wednesday (May 7)

  • Acts 9:1-31

Thursday (May 8)

  • 2 Corinthians 5

Friday (May 9)

  • Romans 6

Saturday & Sunday

Use the weekend as a time to catch up on missed readings or to do some further searching/reading on various things God is doing in your life. 


Small Group Questions: (May 4 – May 10):  Read Luke 22:54-62, John 21:15-19

What would you say is Jesus’ basic message to Peter in John 21?

How does Peter’s experience encourage you?

How do you think we can follow the example Jesus gives in restoring Peter?

What are some opportunities you have missed that have been difficult to move beyond?

How have mistakes in your past affected your faith life? 

How have you seen God redeem those missed opportunities or mistakes?

Read Romans 6:1-11

How should our lives reflect the crucifixion and resurrection?

In a handful of words, paraphrase the exhortation to us from this passage.

What do you think we can do to help one another experience new life, experience freedom from sin, and not allow mistakes or missed opportunities side track us?