Update on Lumberyard Transition Process

The Executive Committee has continued discussions about the Lumberyard since the congregational meeting and listed below is an update of where we are at this point.

1. The lease has been signed and we are moving full speed ahead on a variety of fronts. 

2. The Executive Committee has established a Lumberyard Task Group to help with planning and managing the project.  David Ricks from the Executive Committee will chair the task group.  If you are interested in being part of this group for the oversight of the project, please contact David Ricks or Pastor Rich.

3. There is no firm timeline on the project at this time.  We will begin doing some clean up and demolition during May.  The staff offices will move to the Lumberyard on June 2.  We have tentatively scheduled a “moving and cleaning weekend” on May 30-June 1.  Outside of that, there are no firm dates right now.  As plans and details emerge and as work gets done, we will be providing periodic updates on that progress as well as fall programming details.

4. The plans for the layout are being worked on at this time and will be made public soon.  At that time, there will be an opportunity for input before they are finalized for the building permit.

5. Kings Kloset will take place at Sycamore Center on Saturday, May 19, and will move to the Lumberyard, perhaps in the office area, for June.

6. In the months ahead there will be plenty of opportunities for “sweat equity” for the project.  We will need laborers of all types to do all sorts of things such as demolition, painting, cleaning, constructing, etc.