Opportunities Exist to Serve Kelley Family

King of Glory, here is a chance to help one of our own family members who is need of some assistance.

Earlier this week, Lonnette Kelley had a prayer request answered as she was offered and accepted a new job opportunity, one that will provide some financial relief for her family. While this is a tremendous blessing for Lonnette, it does create some other needs as the new job is in Mountain, N.D.

At the present time, Lonnette and her sister Kathy are the primary caregivers for their mother Patricia. With Lonnette moving to North Dakota, there is a need for a caregiver for Patricia. The family is in need of an individual or a group of individuals who would be willing and able to stay with Patricia from midnight until 6 a.m. from Monday through Thursday. There is also another need of an individual who could watch their mother a few hours during the day a couple times during the week so Kathy would be able to run some errands. The family anticipates it would need this assistance for the next three months.

There is another family need. Lonnette's granddaughter Macey is just a few weeks away from finishing her sixth grade year at Memorial Middle School. Lonnette is looking for a family who would be willing to host Macey until the end of the school year, which is May 15.

Anyone who is interested in helping the Kelley Family during this time is asked to call Lonnette on her cell phone at 701-331-9513. Lonnette will be leaving for North Dakota next Friday, May 2, and would like to fill as many of these needs as possible before she leaves.