Reading Schedule and Small Group Questions

Here is the 7 Minute Challenge reading schedule for April 21 - 26.  There are also questions below for reflection from Sunday's sermon and for discussion in your small group. 

Please reflect upon the following questions each day as you read the assigned scripture passage.

  • What is revealed about God the Father, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit?
  • What does the passage say about God’s desire for humanity?
  • How is God encouraging you, convicting you, equipping you, or correcting you?

Monday (April 21)

         Psalm 16

         John 20

Tuesday (April 22)

         Psalm 118

         Acts 2:14-47 

Wednesday (April 23)

         Acts 10:34-48

         Jeremiah 31:1-30

Thursday (April 24)

         Luke 24

Friday (April 25)

         1 Corinthians 15

Saturday & Sunday

Use the weekend as a time to catch up on missed readings or to do some further searching/reading on various things God is doing in your life. 


Small Group Questions: (April 20 – April 26):  Read 1 Corinthians 15

Which of the different ways of dealing with our current reality that Pastor Rich mentioned do you tend to do? (Look back with regret, Ignore and don’t think about it, Poor into something else, cling tightly to our stuff, other)

How would you summarize the argument that the Apostle Paul is making in verses 12-23 in your own words?

What are the implications if Jesus has not been raised from the dead?

What are the evidences or reasons we can be confident that the resurrection of Jesus was an actual event? (look back at verses 1-11 & feel free to look at other portions of Scripture)

How does this promised future affect us in the present (20-28)?  How do you think the promised future should affect the way we invest our time, financial resources, and church wide ministries?

Describe the future according to the description given in chapter fifteen.  What will this resurrection be like?

How does this chapter from 1 Corinthians differ or challenge popular viewpoints held about life or death in our culture?

How does the resurrection affect us or how should it affect us at different life stages? (i.e. when we are young, middle age, older)