Recap of March 9 Congregational Forum

King of Glory Family, 

Thank you to those who attended the special forum on the search for a facility option for King of Glory.  There is a link below to watch a video of the forum and a link to download the powerpoint presentation given at the forum.  

We did present a specific facility option that we are pursuing at this time.  The Executive Committee is currently pursuing a lease with an option to purchase agreement for the former Horner Lumberyard building and land.  You can read more about that facility and land by clicking here to visit the realtor's website. 

Please feel free to contact me to converse further about the current direction or other options that are under consideration.  

What is next? 

Our hope is to have more detailed information available in the next seven to ten days on the game plan moving forward.  

CLICK HERE to download a copy of the presentation.  

CLICK HERE to visit the page with a video of the forum.  Please note that it is not high quality and is difficult to hear the questions but presenters can be heard.  

Please be in prayer for the decisions that need to be made regarding facility options.  Pray for God's hand to guide us to a place where we can best fulfill our mission of making disciples of Jesus.  

Press On, 

Pastor Rich