Update on Facility Search

The Executive Committee has come to an agreement with the owners of the former J.W. Horner Lumber Building on a lease with the option to purchase.

The lumberyard is located at 1001 E. 17th St. This agreement is contingent upon congregational approval.

A special congregational meeting will be called for Sunday, April 6, at a time to be announced. On Friday, March 21, all members will receive the recommended resolution, financial information and other information about the lumberyard. There will be open houses and another congregational forum scheduled in order to provide everyone an opportunity to view the property and ask questions.

Over the next couple of weeks there will also be some inspections done at the property. That information will be shared with the congregation as soon as it is available.

Please be in prayer, study of scripture and conversation with others over the next couple of weeks to seek God's will for King of Glory.

Please feel free to contact Pastor Rich or any Executive Committee member if you have questions or comments.

Executive Committee members are:
President: Tim Reuer
Vice President: Dan Cook
Secretary: Kit Tornberg
Treasurer: Molli Ludwig
Lead Trustee: David Ricks
Lead Deacon: Carrie Sustad