Lenten Small Groups: Living Between Worlds

1Peter 1.32.jpg

If you are like me you don't like things in limbo. I like everything completed and finalized.  You could say that we are living in limbo as we wait for our glorious inheritance or in other words we are living in between worlds.  We know there is a glorious future in the world to come but it is not here yet and we continue to live as God's people in a world that is often hostile towards God's ways.  During the Lenten season we are going to be doing a special series that will hopefully equip us to live in this limbo.

We will be studying the letter of 1 Peter which gives us some practical exhortations along with some in depth doctrinal teaching.  It is my hope that this series would strengthen all of us in our identity as God's people and give us a fresh vision of how God desires for us to live while we wait for our glorious inheritance.  We will study 1 Peter on Sunday mornings and discuss the application of God's Word in small groups during the week. 

Small groups are essential for us in building relationships with one another and they allow for a more comfortable environment to discuss how God's Word applies to our lives.  I encourage you to join a small group for this five week series during Lent. There is no requirement to continue in the group after Lent.  It is impossible to develop the relationships that we all need and are commanded of us in Scripture by only attending Sunday worship.  God desires for us to go beyond the surface level (how’s the weather) and enter into a life where we rejoice with one another and also hurt with one another during times of pain.  This Lenten season is a great time to enter into relationship with one another as we learn how to live as God's people in a hostile world. 

What about our Lent offerings?  There is still an opportunity to give above and beyond your regular giving during Lent.  Each small group will be "adopting" a specific mission organization.  You can give an offering at your small group which will go towards the ministry your small group has chosen to support.  

Press On,