Lumberyard Transformation In Full Swing

Framing of the interior walls is underway.

Framing of the interior walls is underway.

The transformation is in full swing at the Lumberyard.  The exterior siding has been completely replaced and interior work has begun.  At the special congregational meeting on October 26 the Executive Committee was authorized to spend an additional $150,000 as it becomes available to complete phase one of the remodel.   This puts the total cash expense for phase one at $500,000.00.   

Matching Gift Campaign
King of Glory has received a $50,000 matching gift challenge to help us raise the necessary funds to complete phase one.  All offerings received on Sunday, November 16, will be applied towards the $50,000 matching gift campaign. None of the gifts received on that Sunday will be applied towards any pledges made for the Vision Campaign.   This matching gift challenge is meant to create gifts above and beyond the Vision Campaign. Everyone is encouraged to continue fulfilling their Vision Campaign pledges.  

A successful matching gift campaign will provide the necessary funds to complete phase one of the Lumberyard remodel.  A special mailing will be sent out the week before the offering with all the details.  You will also receive a special envelope if you prefer to mail in your gift.  

One unique way you can give towards this special campaign is through the Thrivent Choice Program.  Some King of Glory members who have Thrivent Financial insurance, annuities or other products may be eligible to participate in the Thrivent Choice program.

The Thrivent Choice program allows eligible members to recommend where some of the Thrivent Financial charitable outreach funds go by directing Choice Dollars to approved organizations such as King of Glory. The amount of Choice Dollars designated to each eligible Thrivent member is based on the amount of premiums paid or contract value of products owned. Thrivent designates these funds monthly, and they accrue on a yearly basis. If you do not know if you are an eligible Thrivent Financial member, please contact your Thrivent representative or sign in to your accounts through

Remodel Update
As of November 1, new utilities have been brought into the facility. The plumbing has been roughed in for the new bathrooms.   Approximately half of the framing is done.  Framing work will be completed the first week of November.  A complete schedule will be available after November 11.  

Who is doing the construction work? 
General Contractor:
Mark Luke Construction 
Baete Forseth (HVAC) 
Prairie Sons (Plumbing) 
Building Sprinkler (Sprinkler System)
Electric Construction (Electrical) 
Hartenhoff Construction (Framing & Drywall)