Special Sunday on Nov. 16

Matching Gift Challenge Frequently Asked Questions

Should I save my normal weekly offering for the next week?

You are encouraged to give your normal weekly offering this week and consider going beyond through a sacrificial gift to help us reach the $50,000 match.  We are currently one week ahead of budgeted giving in 2014 for the general fund and we are trusting that God will continue to provide for our operational needs as we repurpose this offering on Sunday.   

What will the funds be used for?

All of the funds will go towards completing the phase one remodel at the Lumberyard.  These funds will be combined with our Vision Fund to provide the necessary cash for $500,000 in construction expense in 2014.  Phase one includes building out the multi-purpose room for worship, bathrooms, three classrooms, and a gathering area.  The future phases will include the parking lot, serving kitchen, office area build out, and floor coverings for multipurpose room and gathering space. 

What if I will not be at worship this coming Sunday?

You can mail in your offering for this coming Sunday using the enclosed envelope and it will be counted towards the match. 

Will we be given an opportunity to hear the amount raised and given additional time to raise more if needed to get the whole match?

The offering total will be announced on Monday November 17.  If we have not reached the goal at that point we will have until the end of November to raise the remaining amount to get the full $50,000 match. 

An Unique Giving Opportunity: Thrivent Choice Program

One unique way you can give towards this special campaign is through the Thrivent Choice Program.  Some King of Glory members who have Thrivent Financial insurance, annuities or other products may be eligible to participate in the Thrivent Choice program. The Thrivent Choice program allows eligible members to recommend where some of the Thrivent Financial charitable outreach funds go by directing Choice Dollars to approved organizations such as King of Glory. The amount of Choice Dollars designated to each eligible Thrivent member is based on the amount of premiums paid or contract value of products owned. Thrivent designates these funds monthly, and they accrue on a yearly basis. If you do not know if you are an eligible Thrivent Financial member, please contact your Thrivent representative or sign in to your accounts through www.thrivent.com.

If you are going to use this method of giving for the matching gift campaign please simply place a note in the enclosed envelope with your name on it and the amount you intend to give.  The gift must be received in 2014.