October is Pastor Appreciation Month

With October being Pastor Appreciation Month, the King of Glory Executive Committee has designated Sunday, October 26, as Pastor Appreciation Day when we will honor and thank Pastor Rich, Shannon and their family for all they do for the congregation.

As part of Pastor Appreciation Month, the Executive Committee would like to give the congregation the opportunity to make contributions to a surprise "Family Gift" for Pastor Rich.

For three Sundays, beginning on October 5, there will be a container available where individuals can make a contribution. Contributions can be in the form of cash or check. Please make checks out to "King of Glory." There will also be a basket available for those who wish to give a card or note of appreciation to Pastor Rich.

On Sunday, October 26, we will recognize Pastor Rich and Shannon and we will present them with the gift and cards.

President Tim Reuer reminds the congregation that contributions will not be deductible, and that should anyone decide to make a contribution, that it would above their general giving.

"We are blessed to have a pastor who is so gifted and committed to lead our congregation, and a family that is so supportive of him and our congregation," Reuer said. "We need to show him how much he is appreciated."