Small Group Questions: Week 2

Below are the questions for September 22 - 28.  You can also download and print a version of the questions and notes for the small group video by CLICKING HERE

Discussion Questions

Why or how does our faith bring about good works?  

How do you think we can do good works in a subtle way where we do not draw attention to ourselves? 

What do you think is the difference between a non-Christian meeting the needs of someone and a Christian meeting the needs of someone?

Who are you currently struggling to serve or in what circumstance are you struggling to do good? 

Can you describe a time you struggled with “guilt” regarding the amount of good you do or missed opportunities to do good?  How does a proper understanding of the relationship between faith & good works free us from being frozen by our guilt?

How would you explain to someone the danger of “legalism” and do you think it is a danger in our culture or why is it not a danger? 

What needs do you currently see in your workplace, neighborhood, city, etc. that you could meet or that you are currently involved in meeting?  How does meeting those needs bring joy and also how has it been frustrating? 

How can we seek to have “good works” be a way of life rather than one or two things we check off our list on a weekly or monthly basis? 

Can you identify anything in your life that is currently hindering you from being “zealous to do good works” and following through on the zeal?