Small Groups Starting in September

It is the hope and prayer of the leadership of King of Glory that we will all join and grow in a small group.

In September we will kick off a new season of small groups. The groups will meet three times a month for an hour to learn, pray, and fellowship together. 

We will begin the groups with a 7-week study of the Essentials of Faith.  Each group will then have a chance to be in the process of choosing another Bible study to continue learning and sharing. Although it is hoped that groups will stay together, there will be flexibility to make changes along the way. 

Groups will meet on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday evenings at 7 p.m. and one group will meet during the day.  An entry-level group will be held at the Sycamore Center on Wednesday nights, led by Pastor Rich.  This is for those who are new to group study.  More information will be coming soon.

These small groups are different from past small groups in a variety of ways. These small groups will seek to have a stronger relational element than previous groups and the groups will stay together for a longer period than just a six or seven week sermon series. The goal is that every person at King of Glory will be part of a small group.

One of the main reasons for putting this large emphasis on small groups is the following thought that we believe to be a truth taught in the Bible.  One cannot be spiritually healthy without being connected in relationships with other followers of Jesus.

Please prayerfully consider where you could plug in at and if you are interested in hosting a group please contact Randi Helder 376-1391 or or Pastor Rich or check out the web site.