Ministering Steppe-by-Steppe

Note: Each month, Inside King of Glory will feature an update on one of the outreach ministry areas that the congregation supports. This month, we look at AMONG Mongolia and its efforts to spread the Gospel to a part of the world where few people have heard it. This article is courtesy of AMONG Mongolia.

A group of TLT participantsSteppe-by-Steppe (SBS) is the field ministry of AMONG Mongolia, using character-driven Bible-centered movies to conduct evangelism and discipleship through Bible storying. SBS teams travel the countryside of Mongolia showing Bible movies and presenting evangelistic Bible studies to lead Mongolians to Christ, establish new cell churches, and raise the level of discipleship among pre-existing pastors and churches.

It has been AMONG’s plan to have Steppe-by-Steppe evangelists use the biblical model of disciple-making that Timothy Leadership Training (TLT) uses. The first TLT type sessions were held in May at three different locations. They included the two aimags in south-central Mongolia, and one that is more remote. A total of 82 local leaders attended the four days of intensive training in these separate locations. They went very well, and the people’s responses were consistently, “This is what we need for our churches.”

AMONG seeks to develop effective and biblically-sound leaders. The first seminiars focus on Pastoral Care, how to care for God’s people and Christian Stewardship, how to teach people the lessons of sowing and reaping.

People found that TLT is a very good tool that teaches how to share the Gospel while visiting a family, and it is good because it has a very wide ranges of topics. People leaves the training with a clear plan to apply what they learned.

Davaabaatar was the most quiet and shy one. But when he presented his action plan, he showed boldness. Everyone was so surprised seeing him speaking. They said, “the mute is talking.”

Although the oldest trainee was 83, his action plan was the clearest and very detailed! Everyone felt energized by the way they could participate in training exercises.

Another TLT session was held in UmnuGobi. A total of 45 people attended despite being told to not have more than 40 participants.

In all, 127 people participated in these TLT sessions. The dream is for this ministry to grow to the point where there are 127 master trainers in five different areas of Mongolia. Please pray that these individuals will all complete their training and become master trainers.