A Look at Compassion Child Care

Compassion Child Care is one of the local ministries that King of Glory supports with its benevolence funds. In addition, several of the families from Compassion Child Care have been blessed with household items from King's Kloset.

Located in the Sioux Falls Ministry Center in downtown Sioux Falls, Compassion Child Care offers daycare services and preschool for low income families. The ministry has four core values: Christian; affordable care; educational; and family focused. 

Compassion Child Care helps families who face two large obstacles when it comes to daycare - affordability and extended hours. Families go through an interview process to determine their income. Scholarships are then provided to help reduce the cost of child care. Compassion Child Care's goal is to keep the costs no greater than 10 percent of the family's income. In addition, by offerering extended hours, it gives parents more flexibility with their work schedules.

Marty Merriman, program director at Compassion Child Care, will be at Sunday's worship service to share more about this ministry.

To learn more about Compassion Child Care, watch the video below.

Compassion Child Care Vision from Rich Merkouris on Vimeo.