Update on Marohl Adoption Process

Sarah and Jon Marohl spent time with the children at Robin's Nest during a trip to the Nest in May.Note: Each month we will feature an update on one of the outreach ministry areas that King of Glory is supporting. This month, Jon and Sarah Marohl provide the congregation an update on their process of adopting a child from Jamaica.

To update everyone on our adoption process, we have requested and been approved to adopt one or two children under the age of 4. Gender doesn’t matter to us.
We went to Jamaica in May because we were anxious to visit the country that we hope to adopt a child from.  We felt that it was important to experience the culture first hand.  In addition, we wanted to meet the people who are involved with the adoption process in person.  When we arrived in Montego Bay, we went directly to the CDA (Child Development Agency) office.  Our paperwork is actually located in Kingston, which is across the country from Montego Bay.  It was our hope to make it to Kingston during this trip; however, logistically it was rather complicated.  We will have to save a visit to Kingston for another trip.

In addition, visiting the Robin’s Nest was very important to us.  The Robin’s Nest was such an amazing place that has forever made an imprint in our lives.  The children living there are very fortunate to have such wonderful care.  They are surrounded by people who truly care about them and provide for their needs.  Most importantly, the kids are taught about the love and faithfulness of their eternal Father. However, it also made us realize that even though this is such a safe haven for the children, it still cannot be compared to the benefit of growing up in a family setting. This is why we long to open our hearts to another child who needs the love, safety and inclusion that a family can provide. 

We have contacted the CDA since our trip and they have informed us that we are “far down on the list” because we have only recently been approved (our completed and approved application arrived in Jamaica in December, 2012).  We do not know what the timetable is for us.  At this point, we must wait for the CDA to provide a “match” for us.  We will then visit this child or children in Jamaica.  After the visit, it is then that the final paperwork can be completed before we can return to Jamaica, finalize the adoption in court, and return to the USA with our child.  It is notoriously a very long process.

Isaac and Anna are VERY excited about the adoption!  They often talk about wanting a “brother” or a “sister” and remind us that we need to keep all of the things that they have outgrown for our little “Jamaican.”  They have visions of bunk beds in their room!  We all pray together daily for our future child.
We will take your prayers!  Please pray that God will grant us discernment as we continue to move forward working with the CDA.  We find it very challenging to know what and when to say things to them.  Pray for the CDA as they work on our case.  But most importantly pray for our child/children!

Jon, Sarah, Isaac and Anna Marohl