Thank You From AMONG Foundation

Pastor Rich presents the AMONG Foundation with a $5,000 check from the Vision Campaign. Receiving the check are Craig Lawrence (center), chair of the AMONG Board of Directors, and Randy Rehling, a member of King of Glory who also serves on the board of directors. The generous giving of the congregation towards the All In For Him vision campaign allowed for this generous gift to support the work of Jesus in the country of Mongolia through the AMONG Foundation.Note: This letter was received from the AMONG Foundation following King of Glory's donation as part of the All In For Him vision campaign.

Dear friends in Christ at King of Glory:

As God did great things in the early church, God has done great things through your gifts working to reach the people of Mongolia. We thank God for all he’s done for us, and we thank him for you and your participation with us in proclaiming in all of Mongolia our Lord Jesus Christ. May the Lord richly bless you for your generous gift of $5,000 dated 5/18/2013!

Sing Praise!: “Holy Spirit, truth divine, Dawn upon this soul of mine: Word of God, and inward light. Wake my spirit, clear my sight. Glow within this heart of mine: Kindle every high desire by the light of thy pure fire.”

Praise the Lord! For TV impact …
“Letters” is becoming one of our most popular adult programs. Trained Christian counselors answer on the air, letters sent by people having problems living life. The counselors give practical answers, plus, they link these answers to Jesus Christ. Hundreds call in each month seeking more insight. Jesus is always offered as The Way!

Please pray that those who call in may be drawn toward a relationship with the Lord.

Praise the Lord! For continued training …
The Timothy Leadership Training Institute recently completed the second session of training with nearly 30 pastors. The pastors reported to one another what God has been up to in their lives and how they have seen God working through the projects they were assigned to do. As these leaders are trained through TLT, they will be equipped to train other leaders.

Please pray for God to energize those involved and to bless their continued study and growth in his wisdom.

Praise the Lord! For outreach …
Two of our Steppe-by-Steppe evangelists are taking the Timothy Leadership Training to six Mongolian churches outside Ulaanbaatar. This is an exciting “First Step” in using the skills and information learned in their initial TLT seminar. They were approached by local pastors who had watched them and requested that they bring them some training.

Please pray with us for the Lord’s blessing on these training sessions.

We never forget that God works through your donations to enable us to minister in Mongolia!


Steve Posey, Executive Director

P.S.: King of Glory folk, we deeply appreciate this generous donation! Pray with us that the Lord will continue to use our TV programs to bring people to Jesus!