Benevolence Update From Mission Ministry Team

Each year, King of Glory congregation’s operating budget allows for allocating 3.5 percent of the budget towards World Missions and 5 percent towards Local Missions. King of Glory’s Mission Ministry Team is tasked with deciding which organizations will receive those funds.

As this team worked through the process they focused on our congregation’s mission and vision statements and made it a priority to make meaningful impacts to a handful of organizations. Your weekly giving enables our congregation to continually support God's mission here locally and also globally.

Below is the breakdown for 2013:

World Missions
• $2,000  given to AMONG Foundation with designation of funds to be split between their Steppe by Steppe Ministry and for  Children’s Bibles
• $2,500 given to Robin's Nest Children’s Home in Jamaica
• $3,400 set aside for King of Glory members going to Robin's Nest for a mission trip to help aid in the cost of travel and/or to cover cost of projects completed at Robin’s Nest 
• $4,000 given to Bible Translators (Shedd & Kris Waskosky)

TOTAL 2013 Allotment for World Ministries: $11,900  
Local Missions 
• $3,000  given to Center of Hope
• $3,000  given to Compassion Child Care
• $3,000  given to The Community Outreach
• $2,000  given to Feeding South Dakota
• $900  given to LifeLight
• $1,000  given to Children's Inn
• $1,000  given to St. Francis House
• $2,000 given to Furniture Mission with designation of funds to be used for purchasing bedding and for building and purchasing infant and children’s beds

TOTAL 2013 Allotment for Local Ministries $15,900  

Prayerfully and Respectfully,

King of Glory’s Mission Ministry Team
Todd Brua, Heidi Gravett , Doug Jenson, Delores Johnson, Gary Loftesness, and Katie Reilly