Two Programs to Start in September

Recently, the Trustees have made a couple large strategic decisions for how we will go about ministry at King of Glory.  Please read the information below to learn about two ways we are moving forward in the months ahead and changes that are being made. If you have specific questions or would like to discuss these items please feel free to contact any of the following Trustees (Randi Helder, Adrian Johnson, Derek Hackett, Katie Reilly, Kathi Herreid, Lindsey Brua, Julie Burnside, Kyle Helder), Dan Cook from the Executive Committee, or myself. 

Pastor Rich

Kids’ Worship
Beginning in September, 2013 there will be a Kids’ Worship service offered every Sunday during Worship.  This was a decision that was not made easily as there are a variety of important things to consider.

After the Sunday morning education pilot project in January and February the Trustees began a lengthy discussion on how to move forward in the future.  This included getting everyone's feedback through a congregational survey.

The current facility space is best suited for Kids' Worship over a traditional education environment where you have multiple rooms for different ages.  Kids are still going to be in the worship service to participate in different parts of the service.  A majority of the time they will be released before the sermon and return after the message but this may fluctuate from time to time.

The Kids' Worship service will be offered for children from preschool through third grade.  The Kids' Worship will provide a specific teaching to children that they can connect with each Sunday morning to equip them for their life of faith.

More details will be coming soon as plans are put together and leaders are recruited.   If you have a passion for leading children and would be interested in leading Kid's Worship one Sunday a month, please visit with Julie Burnside.

Small Groups
In September, King of Glory will be launching a Small Group initiative.  We have had small groups in the past, but these will be different in a variety of ways.

Small Groups will be the main mechanism for adult education. These groups will seek to have a stronger relational element than previous groups and the groups will stay together for a longer period than just a six or seven week sermon series. The goal is that every person at King of Glory will be part of a small group.

Over the next couple of months there will be more information given about small groups. The first action step that is taking place is the recruitment of leaders. One of the main reasons for putting this large emphasis on small groups is the following thought that we believe to be a truth taught in the Bible.  One cannot be spiritually healthy without being connected in relationships with other followers of Jesus.

Therefore, small groups are essential to get everyone connected with other people where God's Word can be studied and people can care for one another as fellow members of Christ's body, the Church.