King's Kloset Set for May Distribution


 Are you excited about King’s Kloset? I hope you are. This is an exciting time in the life of King of Glory.

Our congregation is going to get the opportunity to step into the lives of our neighbors, co-workers and friends in a whole new way. Through our partnerships with different organizations in the Sioux Falls area, families and people in need will be referred to our distribution of essential household items. King’s Kloset has chosen to distribute these items because there is a great need.

The Food Stamp program, now known as SNAP, no longer allows people to make non-food purchases with those funds. This can cause a sizeable stress on people. Our job then is to step in and make an impact.

However, simply handing things out doesn’t solve the problem, it provides as much of an impact as a drop of water in the desert. Our focus is not to simply give out products, but to build relationships - relationships with each individual and as a community our relationship with Jesus Christ.

Since we truly want to make an impact, for a time we will limit our distribution to only those who have received a referral card through the Community Outreach or Compassion Child Care. It may seem counterintuitive to only provide for a select group of people, but if we truly want to make an impact than we will need to focus our financial and relational resources.

Relationships are key to our ministry through King’s Kloset. In order to make sure that our relationships are maintained it is important that each guest that comes is treated fairly. In order to make sure each guest is treated fairly, the products that will be distributed will all be the same.

With that in mind, we ask that donations will not be of the products that we provide each month, but we do ask that you donate the announced product of the month. These donated products will be things that our guests will not need monthly, but are a need. The items for May are toothbrushes and 3-ounce men’s and women’s deodorant.

You can bring this month’s products to the Welcome Table at Sunday Morning Worship or to the Sycamore Center. As you bring these items, please be praying about how you can serve through King’s Kloset. We will need numerous volunteers to step into the lives of our guests to build relationships, share the hope of Jesus and disciple new followers of Christ Jesus.

Here is a great opportunity for you to walking across the room inside and outside the walls of King of Glory.

Grace and Peace,