King's Kids: Letters to Jesus

Last week at King’s Kids (pre-school – 5th grade), the lesson for the night was on growing in our love for Jesus and what it means to be in the “construction zone,” or creating an atmosphere for God to work in us and grow our faith.

One of the exercises was to have the kids write a letter to Jesus, telling him how much they love him and asking him for ways in which he could help them grow in their faith.

Here are a few sentences from some of the letters.

Dear Jesus ...

“… I love you with all my heart, and all my soul and all my mind.  My goals are to pay attention to you and getting to know how wonderful you are.”

“… I have so much more I want to learn. Help me to read the Bible more often.”

“… I want to invite people to church so they can learn as much as me.”

“… I love you more than the roof over my head, the clothes I wear and the food I eat.  Thank you for dying on the cross for my sins.”

“… I will do my best to praise you every day. Thank you for always being there for me.”

“… I want to tell my friends about you. Help me to learn how.”

“… I want to pray with my family and my friends.”

“… Please help me to do my daily devotions.”