Jamaican Mission Team to be Commissioned; Donations Accepted Sunday to Help Robin's Nest

On Sunday, February 10, there will be a commissioning service for a group of members from King of Glory who will be going on a mission trip to Robin’s Nest Children’s Home in Jamaica. The group departs for Jamaica on Tuesday, February 12, and returns the following week.

Those going on this mission trip are Lindsey Brua, Deb Lloyd and Paula Merkouris, along with Tim, Tina, Dani, Samantha and Kaitlin Reuer.

The group will spend five days at Robin's Nest working on painting and clean-up projects to prepare for a special recognition that will be taking place for the family who donated money to build Jake's House, the facility where the older boys live. Of course they will also spend time playing with the kids.

King of Glory has contributed $400 from the benevolence/missions fund for Robin’s Nest to use toward painting, building a new storage shed for flammable materials to be kept away from the main house and/or road repair.

There will also be an opportunity for the congregation to donate additional money on February 10 that could be used for a variety of purposes. Those items include hauling water to Robin’s Nest ($150 per truck), provide money for the Robin’s Nest directors to use towards a “day off,” provide money that would go toward a building fund at Green Heights Church (Big Fish’s church) in Montego Bay, or to use for whatever needs God places before the group on this trip.

Most importantly, the group would appreciate your prayers for safety and for God to help them show the love of Christ to the Jamaican people.