Lenten Offerings to Help Support Waskoskys, Falls Community Church

Shedd, Kris and David WaskoskyKing of Glory’s Lenten offerings will go to help two ministries in Sioux Falls that are reaching out to other parts of the world to build the Kingdom of God. The first ministry is the Bible translation ministry of King of Glory members Shedd and Kris Waskosky, the other being Falls Community Church, a Sudanese congregation that belongs to the NALC.

The Waskoskys serve the Salasaca Quichua people of Ecuador, working to translate the Bible into their native language so that they have the opportunity to know Christ and have access to God’s Word in a language they understand best. They also help with physical, relational and community needs in Salasaca.

In their most-recent trip to Ecuador they finished the comprehension check of 1 Corinthians and scheduled the consultant check of that book for April 1-5. Also, progress was made on the future Salasaca Quichua web site. The donations given to them will help them with getting faster internet access in the village of Salasaca as well as travel costs for their semi-annual trips there.

In addition to their time in Ecuador, the Waskoskys spend the summer months in Grand Forks, N.D., teaching linguistics courses at the University of North Dakota.

Pastor Julius BadigoFalls Community Church is a two-year-old congregation here in Sioux Falls that worships at the Sycamore Center on Sunday afternoons. Its membership is comprised primarily of African refugees, in particular the new republic of South Sudan.

Falls Community Church joined the North American Lutheran Church (NALC) in 2011. Led by Pastor Julius Badigo and Pastor Hakim Kane, Falls Community Church hopes to reach out to the community of Sioux Falls, which has about 40 different nationalities, mostly of which are refugees and immigrants.

As a young congregation, there is a financial need within the congregation for helping with salaries and expenses for the pastors, food the youth groups and helping member families who are struggling to pay their bills.

Falls Community Church also has a global mission of helping drill water wells in the villages of South Sudan so the residents there can have fresh water.