Small Group Questions (Oct. 27 - Nov. 2)


CLICK HERE to download a printable version of the questions. 

Read John 17:10-19  (Scriptures referenced in video – Romans 13:1-7, Philippians 3:19-21)

What would you like to discuss further from the video, reading, or this past Sunday’s sermon?

In what ways do you think the church looks/thinks/acts more like the culture than Jesus?

What are some current cultural viewpoints that have challenged you personally to examine your faith or have caused you to get more clarity on the teachings of Scripture?

In the video, Derek talked about three tasks we have here in this world:

1)      Evangelism - What do you find most difficult about telling others the gospel? 

Why must evangelism be a top priority for a church and for individual followers of Jesus? 

2)      Loving our neighbors - How should our interaction with others differ from the behaviors modeled in our culture?

What are some of your current relationship challenges and how is it difficult to exhibit the characteristics of Jesus in those relationships? 

3)      Caring for creation - How can we be good stewards of creation?

How do you think care for creation could become an idol or something over emphasized? 

How do you think we can live in peace and love as Jesus commands with those whom we disagree with politically? 

What are some political issues that you find difficult to find clarity on from Scripture?

What makes regular/consistent time in God’s Word a challenge for you?  How does regular time in God’s Word help shift our perspective?  How does having the Bible as a source the source of authority for our faith and life automatically make us different than the majority of the world?