Outreach Ministries: Robin's Nest Update

Co-directors Katie (left) and Vicki enjoy some quality time with some of the children at Robin's Nest.Note: Each month we will feature an update on one of the outreach ministry areas that King of Glory is supporting. This month we get an update on recent developments at Robin's Nest Children's Home in Jamaica.

Dear friends of Robin’s Nest:

We are most grateful to you, King of Glory, for your prayers and support as we continue to minister to the “least of these” at our Children’s Home in Jamaica.  This has been an exciting year as we have watched God’s hand assist us with our vision: to provide a safe and secure Christian environment for the children while providing them the education they need to grow. 

God has blessed us once again with teams, interns and teachers as a tangible gift who come and volunteer onsite.  There has not been a month this year without a volunteer teacher onsite.  Our first summer school project was a success and it helped the children be ready to return to school this fall.  Each morning during their off months of July and August, they were in a learning mode.   Our homeschooled children have been blessed during the day and others have had help with homework through these teachers and interns. 

God has called Pastor Bruce and Barb to come down and be co-directors with Vicki and Katie.  This is another answer to prayer as there is no down time for the directors with just the two of them.  God is so good, we will now have a pastor, a nurse, a school teacher and professional counselor at the Nest when all four are there.  Pray for Bruce and Barb as they pull things together here at home and go to the Nest.  Thankfully, we have had the shortest “matching funds” drive ever to raise support for the new apartment at the main house in order to let the interns and teachers use the smaller one for homeschooling and a homework room. 

God has been working, but there has also been sadness.  We had a young 27-year-old donor, Nathan, pass away before he was able to physically visit, but his legacy will live on as memorials were directed towards the Nest.  He has been such an encouragement.  We will never forget his remark to us when we argued with him about being so generous, “Why do I need a bucket list when I’m going to heaven?  There’s nothing I can go see or do that can top that here on earth.”  We have also had children return to their families, some good; some we remain in prayer for daily that they are protected from the abuse that they had once experienced. 

Water continues to be a HUGE issue for us, but God always seems to come through.  Yes, we have had to purchase water and gone without at times.  Thankfully, we do have another new water tank so now that it has started to rain we have more storage for the rain we do get.  We continue to prayerfully search out easier ways to take care of this situation (no problems in Jamaica).

Recently, our generator also broke down so the financial needs continue.  Our preschool outreach to the community has grown so we are hoping to place a 3-year-old room under the new apartment so they have their own space rather than meeting in the toddler room and putting up and tearing down daily.  Without churches like you who pray, give and go, our children and staff would suffer.  The economy continues to decline and so the raises we had given our staff last year were gone but thanks to your generosity, we were able to get them back up to where they were. 

We are very excited about our upcoming 15th Anniversary Celebration.  It was 1998 when Michelle Robinette landed on Jamaica soil to begin the Nest and we want to give God the glory for the “things HE has done.”   We have a special gathering in Sioux Falls on Friday, November 1 at 7:30 p.m. at “The Point” church, 506 N Kiwanis.  Big Fish from Jamaica will be there as well as Zoe, one of our local adopted children from the Nest.  We hope to see you there. 

Robin’s Nest Children’s Home