Small Group Questions (Oct. 20 - 26)


Below are discussion questions to help prepare for your small group gathering this week.  CLICK HERE to download a printable version. 

Read 2 Corinthians 4:16 – 5:10

What would you like to discuss further from the video, reading, or this past Sunday’s sermon?


How does our life calling revolve around God’s overarching purpose?


How do you think a biblical “life calling” should affect how someone approaches their occupation, hobbies, etc?


What are some challenges you are currently facing in your workplace, neighborhood, etc?


How do you see yourself pleasing the Lord in your occupation? 


How have we minimized Jesus by not giving Jesus authority in all area of our life or in our church?


What do you sense to be some of your unique qualities, gifts, personality, etc?  How do you think you can use those unique aspects of life to please God?


(Scripture passage references – John 16:5-15, Galatians 5)

How should the promised presence of the Holy Spirit give us confidence/courage in our faith journey?


We heard about the different functions of the Holy Spirit.  In what ways have you experienced the Holy Spirit working in you? (conviction of sin, bringing about specific fruit)


Why is keeping the Holy Spirit central in the conversation essential in living out our life calling?  


What questions or how would you like to understand the role of the Holy Spirit further?