Small Group Questions (Oct. 13 - 19)

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Discussion Questions: Read 1 Thessalonians 4:13 – 5:11 

When you look at the different ways “hope” manifests itself;(page. 184 in JI Packer) patience, purity, perseverance, preparedness, and living as though on a pilgrimage, which of these do you struggle with the most? Are there ones you would like to explore & understand their meaning a little further?


“What are you hoping for?”  How would you answer that question from someone that is not involved with a church and doesn’t understand the jargon of “messiah,” “second coming,” or “kingdom of God.” 


On what basis can we have an unshakable confidence or eager expectation of the future restoration through Jesus’ return and the resurrection?  (In other words, why can we be confident rather than this restoration idea just being some crazy dream?)


Why do you think we lose an eternal focus and get ensnared in the here and now?  How do you think we can maintain an eternal focus?


How has disappointment or loss affected your life?   How did that disappointment or loss make it difficult to continue to live with an “eager expectation” or “sure confidence” of the future? 


What spiritual disciplines are the most difficult for you to practice routinely to keep centered on Jesus? 


What are some things you need to release or have a looser grip on in light of an eternal perspective where our hope is a restored everlasting kingdom?  (Basically, what is causing stress/worry/anxiety that should not be?)