Task Group Planning Projects for Serve Sunday

A task group is in the process of coordinating the work projects for the King of Glory All Serve Sunday, which is scheduled for Sunday, November 4.

The task group is contacting local agencies to develop a list of service projects the congregation can perform that day. King of Glory members are also encouraged to submit service project ideas. The task group will post opportunities in the next few weeks. Once the projects have been determined, there will be a need for team leaders to help coordinate the completion of the projects.

So please let the task group know if there is a lawn to be raked, windows to be covered or a kitchen available where volunteers can cook some meals to be shared with those in need.

Contact Missions Trustee Randy Rehling at rjrehling1@sio.midco.net or the church office at 271-3456 if you have a project idea, or if you would like to be a team leader.